We’re Getting Published!

We have some exciting news at Beauty by Disaster. As many of you know, we are newly established but the outcome of our little blog has been amazing. We reached 3K daily views within the first month of creating, something we never anticipated!

We could never have expected the impact that Beauty by Disaster has had on our readers. Started out as a form of journal and portfolio, I never expected this website to reach a global audience or impact anyone. Since publishing, I have regular messages from my readers thanking me for how this website has acted as a form of support for them. This is more than I could have ever wanted and I could not be more thankful for the feedback of my work.

Beauty by Disaster is growing and I could not be happier. We have so many helpful topics planned to actively break down the mental health stigmas, one post at a time.

As we grow and reach new readers, we have decided to branch out. After communications with The Daily Positive, we are now very pleased to announce that we will have articles published for a global audience seeking to better their mental well-being. TDP is a fantastic website, I urge anyone to take a look. Their posts are largely based around mental health, lifestyle and well-being with the purpose to simply spread positive energy across the globe. With so many major media outlets shying away from important issues and with such negative energy across the major news channels in modern day, websites like The Daily Positive are more important than ever and we cannot wait to support the cause.

We have written a powerful piece on how you can use social media for the better. Keep your eyes peeled on The Daily Positive for the publication – we will keep you updated! Beauty by Disaster are very excited for this opportunity and can’t wait for the world to read our piece and hopefully be inspired to a healthier use of social media for their own well-being.

Beauty by Disaster was created to target mental health issues, we have made it certainly clear of the negative impact that social media can have on our minds. We believe it doesn’t have to be this way, social media can be a wonderful place of opportunity and inspiration. Find out how through The Daily Positive, soon!

Thank you again for your extended support. I appreciate every view, follow and read of my posts. It means the world.

Nikita x

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